Watch BOE Meetings

Board meetings are streamed live on DPStv and UStream. Click the link below to stream Channel 22 Live on desktop computers. BOE Meetings will be streamed at scheduled dates and times. Currently this link does not support mobile devices. DPStv – Channel 22

UStream TV also streams Channel 22 Live during BOE Meetings. This link will work for mobile devices. UStream

After the Board meeting has concluded, videos are available to watch a few days after the meeting.

Prior to September 2015, videos are available by request.

Beginning September 2015, you can watch the video from the meeting dashboard or from an agenda item.

To watch a video from the Meeting Dashboard, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the desired meeting.
  2. Click the Watch Video button on the Meeting Dashboard to display the Meeting Video window.
  3. Capture2Mouse over the video window to display a list of the agenda items to which video segments have been assigned.
  4. Select the video segment(s) you want to view from the agenda item list.
  5. Dismiss the Meeting Video window when you are finished with your viewing session by clicking Close (X) in the window header.

To watch a video while viewing an agenda item, do the following:

  1. While viewing an agenda, select the desired agenda item.
  2. Click the Video tool Capture near the top of the viewing pane to display the Meeting Video window and watch the video.
  3. Dismiss the Meeting Video when you are finished with your viewing session by clicking the Close (X) button in the window header.