Update Provided on Innovation Zone Implementation

School leaders from the district’s first innovation zone, the Luminary Learning Network (LLN), provided the board with an update on the zone’s implementation since board approval in April.

Denver Green School Principal Frank Coyne shared his belief about how participation in an innovation zone has positively impacted the four participating schools (Ashley Elementary School, Cole Arts and Science Academy, Creativity Challenge Community School and Denver Green School) in terms of time, people and resources. The LLN presentation is available here.

Portfolio Management Office Executive Director Jennifer Holladay shared lessons learned on the implementation of an innovation zone, including finance, supports and governance. Holladay and LLN leadership acknowledged there had been some bumps in the road, citing, for example, LLN staff attending trainings or requesting services for which the innovation zone had opted out. Both parties continue to work collaboratively to make adjustments and refine more clear agreements. The full district staff presentation is available here.

Board Member Happy Haynes told LLN leadership that the district hopes not only to learn how to improve systems for potential future innovation zone applicants, but also wants to learn what flexibilities best enable schools to be responsive to their students and improve achievement.