ILG Report Release Schedule

The Investigative Law Group (ILG) has completed its investigation of the public allegations made against Denver Public Schools Board Member Tay Anderson and today delivered its report on the investigation to the Board’s counsel. The allegations made against Director Anderson were serious and warranted a thorough, independent review to ensure the safety of the DPS community and a fair process for Director Anderson. The report will be made public on the following schedule:

Monday, September 13-board members will receive the ILG report and begin reviewing the 96-page document. This is the board’s first opportunity for those board members to read the report.

The report will also be partially redacted by the board’s counsel to protect the privacy of students who participated in the investigation. No statement about the report itself will be made until the report has been shared with Director Anderson and the public.

Tuesday, September 14-Director Anderson will receive the ILG report after it has been redacted.

Wednesday, September 15- The ILG report will be released to the public along with a statement from the board. It will be posted on the board’s website at