Denver Public Schools Board of Education and Superintendent History

The 20th Amendment to the Constitution of the State of Colorado, known as the Rush Amendment, created the City and County of Denver. The amendment was created by an election in mid November 1902 and placed into effect by the Governor on December 1, 1902.

The school boards of all the larger districts were combined in a new board for Denver Public Schools District No. 1. On February 28, 1903, the Colorado State Supreme Court declared the Rush Amendment valid. Aaron Gove was appointed Superintendent and Lewis C. Greenlee and Charles E. Chadsey were made Assistant Superintendents. It wasn’t until May of 1903 that the first school board election was held for the new School District No. 1, City and County of Denver, Colorado.

In 1903, School District No. 1 acquired all the buildings and students in the following districts: 1, 2, 5, 7, 17, 18, 21, 24, 35, 44, 69, and 98. Some of these districts did not have school buildings so some schools were combined or new schools were built.

A history of the Superintendents and Board of Education from 1901 to present is located below:

History of Board – updated February 2020

Below is a pictorial history of Board members. Please note some Board members are not included because of the absence of a picture.

History of BOE Members