Board Update: Principal and Instructional Leadership Development

Focus on Principal and Instructional Leadership 
The Board of Education tonight heard a presentation on the district’s approach to leadership — one of our key strategies for implementing the Denver Plan 2020, our district’s strategic plan.
The board heard from a number of principals and instructional superintendents about professional development opportunities aimed at helping them achieve the district’s vision, Every Child Succeeds. Discussion included information on the district’s School Leadership Framework, Professional Standards for Instructional Superintendents and RELAY training provided through the Graduate School of Education.
Board President Anne Rowe asked, “How are we doing at best supporting and empowering you to do the work that lifts our kids up?”
School leaders who spoke:
  • Kimberly Grayson, principal, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Early College
  • Jill Corcoran, principal, Westerly Creek
  • Ryan Kockler, principal, Montclair School of Academics & Enrichment
  • Brandi Chin, school director in training, DSST Conservatory Green
Instructional superintendents who spoke:
  • Tamara Acevedo, instructional superintendent, Network 1
  • Sean Precious, instructional superintendent, grades 6-12 and high schools
  • Suzanne Morris-Sherer, instructional superintendent, high schools
  • Betsy Peterson, managing director of elementary and middle schools, STRIVE Preparatory Schools
See the full presentation and accompanying materials here. Also, read The Wallace Foundation’s in-depth report on how DPS hired more people to coach and evaluate leaders.
Tonight’s meeting was the first Focus on Achievement session of the 2016-17 school year. These monthly sessions allow board members to focus in-depth on academic issues.