Board of Education Update – June 27, 2018 Special Meeting

Denver Educators Rally to Support Immigrant Families


The Denver Board of Education joined dozens of DPS educators at West High School today in support of keeping immigrant families together. Concerned by federal actions on the southwest border, the board and educators reaffirmed DPS’ commitment to being a safe and welcoming school district, and adopted a resolution objecting to the separation of children and families.

DPS school leaders drafted a letter to the board reporting that students are being traumatized by a fear that they will be taken from the safety and comfort of their parents after seeing images and hearing stories about family separation.

The resolution states that “these long-term impacts lead to traumatized children being more likely to fail a grade in school, to score lower on standardized achievement tests, to achieve lower grades, to struggle more with receptive and expressive language, and to have behavior problems which are all barriers to educational access.”

Educators are encouraged to visit The Commons for useful immigration resources for our families.