Board of Education Update – January 17, 2019 Work Session

Board Holds Accountability and Support Conversations 

Schools With Sudden Drop in SPF Rating Present Improvement Plans

DPS’ top Denver Plan goal is to have at least 80% of DPS students attending a high-performing school by 2020. To make this goal a reality, DPS is committed to strengthening our existing schools. When schools do not meet expectations for academic growth and achievement on the School Performance Framework (SPF), DPS provides intensive support to help them get back on track.

The School Performance Compact (SPC) is the Board of Education’s policy for identifying the district’s most persistently low-performing schools. This year, schools (both charter and district-run) rated red on the 2018 SPF were required to present to the board regarding their improvement strategies and needed supports.

Board Member Angela Cobian said, “One of the key objectives in revising the School Performance Compact this year was to be able to hone in on school improvement across governance types. We want to better understand how charter school home offices and the district central office support schools, so that we can better identify and streamline school improvements.”

Schools that had multiple consecutive red and orange SPF ratings over the past several years presented to the board in December. Schools that experienced a sudden drop in their SPF ratings — from either yellow or green in 2017 to red in 2018 — received more time to prepare improvement plans. Of those seven schools, four presented to the board at the January 17, 2019 Work Session.

The board also reviewed the body of evidence and staff recommendations for each school.

Collegiate Preparatory Academy, Girls Athletic Leadership High School and John F. Kennedy High School will present to the board January 22.

The board is scheduled to vote January 24 on a set of performance monitoring options to dramatically improve the learning environment in these schools:

  • Two-year performance review cycle
  • Two-year performance review cycle with one-year monitoring
  • One-year performance review cycle

Learn more about the SPC here.