Board of Education Update – August 19, 2019 Work Session

Superintendent Presents Final Entry Plan Report 

Tonight, Superintendent Susana Cordova presented a final summary report of her Entry Plan, which has been the roadmap for the first phase of her district leadership and gives an overview of the specific action steps she has taken to launch DPS’ streamlined focus on Equity, Instructional Excellence and Collaborative Teamwork.

Download the entry plan infographic, or read the full summary report.

Board Hears Presentations from New School Applicants, Recommendations from Staff and District Accountability Committee

As part of the annual Call for New Quality Schools process, two groups presented their applications to the Denver Board of Education:

The Denver Board of Education also heard recommendations on whether to approve the quality of the two applications from members of the District Accountability Committee as well as district staff. The board will vote on whether the applicants have met the quality bar and will be eligible to continue in the Call process at its next meeting on Thursday, Aug. 22.