District 5 Board Vacancy

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The board must vote to appoint a new board director within 60 days of when the vacancy begins. It is anticipated that Director Laurvick’s vacancy will begin in June 2022.

You can view the Board’s discussion on the topic here and view the presentation here.

If you would like to contact current District 5 representative, Rev. Brad Laurvick, you can access his contact information here.

District 5 Vacancy Candidates

There are 4 candidates for the District 5 vacancy. The list of candidates is below. Emails sent from District 5 candidates to are available here.



  • April 18: The application opens.
  • April 29: The application closes.


  • May 2: The board will begin reviewing applications.
  • May 4: The applications will be publicly posted on this website by 5 p.m.
  • May 16: District 5 residents will be able to attend and participate in a community engagement session with the applicants. The community engagement session will be held at CEC Early College, 2650 Eliot St., Denver, CO  80211, 4:30-6:30pm. It will also be streamed live on Vimeo.
  • May 26: The board will publicly interview the finalists and hold a special public comment session.


  • June 9: Director Laurvick’s last day of service will end at 5:30 p.m. The board will pass a resolution officially declaring the vacancy and move to appoint the new district 5 director.
  • June 16: The board will attend a retreat with the new board member.

Board Expectations

Expectations from the Board during this process include the following:

  • Board members and the superintendent shall not have any discussions, meetings, or electronic communication with applicants, potential applicants, or supporters of an applicant to uphold the integrity of the process.
  • Board members must forward all communications from applicants and or supporters of applicants to the board liaison Lori Atwood to ensure there is a uniform response and all board members receive the same communication.
  • No board member shall receive any application or list of applicants before May 2, 2022. This information will be released to all board members simultaneously.
  • This appointment will be made by a majority vote of the Board of Education in a public meeting, not by an informal consensus process.
  • Community engagement is to hear explicitly from those that live in district 5. The role of the community is not to elect this individual but for the board to listen to the feedback of those that live in the district. The eligible electors will have the opportunity to vote in the November 2023 election
How will the appointment to fill the vacancy be made?  
At the June 9th Board meeting, the appointment to fill the vacancy will be by motion to appoint one of the four candidates.  For example, a Board member can move to appoint candidate A.  If Candidate A gets a majority of yes votes (four or more when there are six board members voting), Candidate A is appointed.  If Candidate A does not get a majority of yes votes, another motion can be brought for the same candidate or a different candidate.  Motions can continue until a candidate is approved by a majority vote.  If the evening concludes and no motion has passed with a majority, the Board can end the meeting and could call another special meeting or meetings to appoint.  If no candidate is appointed within 60 days (by Monday, August 8th), then the Board President may choose the candidate to fill the seat.