Regular meetings now allow for the in-person attendance of 10 community members. All meetings will continue to be livestreamed.


District 2 Member

Angela Cobián

Angela Cobián is a first-generation Mexican-American from southwest Denver. Cobián was elected in November 2017 to represent her community of District 2. The first in her family to graduate from college, Angela Cobián attended The Colorado College. Cobián graduated with a Bachelors in Political Science and a Minor in Spanish in 2011.She earned the Fred Sondermann Award in Political Science and membership in the Pi Gamma Mu Honors Society. Angela then returned to her hometown to teach 2nd and 3rd grade Literacy for English Language Acquisition-Spanish students in Denver Public Schools. Cobián concurrently earned a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Colorado-Denver. In 2013, Cobián was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to consult with the NGO Ensena por Mexico on program development for student-led social change initiatives, as well as teach English at the National Pedagogical University in Mexico City.

Upon returning from Mexico, Cobián returned to the school she taught at as a Bilingual Community Organizer with Together Colorado, an affiliate of the PICO National Network. In this role, she co-lead school and congregation-based organizing with parents and parishioners, working on immigration and education issues. Angela continues her work in collective action as the Manager of Organizing Strategy for Denver and Memphis with Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE). In recognition of her work in the community, Cobián was awarded the Denver Foundation’s Swanee Hunt Emerging Leader Award in 2017.

In her volunteer time, Angela is a member of The Colorado College Alumni Association Board and CC Alumni and Students of Color Association. She has previously volunteered with the Denver Foundation, Chinook Fund, and Big Brothers, Big Sisters program. Cobián is also a former trustee of the Colorado College, and served on the Community Planning and Advisory Committee (CPAC) for the 2016 Bond and Mill Levy. Outside of work and volunteering, Cobián enjoys reading, politics, history, listening to jazz and cumbia-punk music, as well as visiting the Denver Art Museum.