Scott Esserman

Scott Esserman started working with children in high school as a summer camp counselor on Mt.
Evans. This experience sparked a life dedicated to kids and education. As a classroom teacher for
over 20 years, Scott worked from ECE to High School and has facilitated adult training with the
Anti-Defamation League. Throughout Scott’s career, he has gone beyond the classroom;
coaching soccer, basketball, and field hockey. The speech and debate program that Scott founded
while at Kent Denver is now nationally recognized. He went on to coach dozens of state
champions and national qualifiers over the 12 years he was at Cherry Creek High School. Scott
played an instrumental role in the founding of Northfield High School both writing the
innovation plan and serving on the founding faculty.

Scott has centered relationships, teamwork, and fundamental skill-building in all of his work.
Recognized for honoring students’ lived experience, he prioritized culturally relevant curricula
everywhere he taught – public and private school.

He moved to Colorado in January of 1992 and met his wife here a year later. They are the proud
parents of two DPS children. Their daughter is graduated from Manual High School in 2021 and
their son is a student at DSST Montview High School. As a parent and community member,
Scott has served on the Collaborative School Committees and each school that his children have
attended including as co-chair of the Manual Council and continued membership on the
Montclair CSC for 2 years after his youngest child had continued to middle school. He is the
former chair and multi-year member of the DPS District Accountability Committee. Scott
received his BS in History from the University of Missouri, emphasizing African American
Studies, and a Certificate in Education Finance from Georgetown University.


Denver Public Schools Board of Education

Scott Esserman
At Large
Term: 2021-25

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