A Letter from Denver Board of Education Regarding the Finalist for Superintendent

The Denver Board has announced its finalists for Denver Public Schools superintendent. We have reached an important milestone in a six-month process to find a visionary leader who will move our district through and beyond COVID, make student and community-centered decisions, move equity from an abstract idea to action, and ensure that all who serve our students  are supported to provide the best public education. This is a  moment for optimism and excitement about Denver’s future. 

We will make our decision about the new superintendent in the next six to eight weeks. We invite Denver residents to join us in not only welcoming the new superintendent but  in partnering with us to ensure our public education system prepares our students to take advantage of the opportunities the future will bring. Let’s raise and hear new ideas, support our new leader, and teach them what we want to see for our students and families. We challenge everyone in our city to come together around what we collectively value—strong public education and our children—to make Denver Public Schools a world-class public education system. No matter what role you play in our district and city, we need you!  We need your perspective and your voice. We need your help to ensure we emerge from the pandemic as a stronger educational system that does a better job of meeting the needs of all students as they reach for their dreams. 

Our finalists represent the next big names in education. They are poised to make a mark on the field whether they lead here in Denver or elsewhere—these will be the people leading students and teachers in this nation toward the future. Through our search we were specifically seeking a fresh perspective. We weren’t looking for people who would just bring another district’s plan to our district, or who would come to our district with a predetermined playbook. Each of the candidates has demonstrated that they value collaboration and partnership. Each is aligned with what our community values, which in short, is a leader who values them. 

However, we know that none of these finalists will check every box for all of you who graciously met with us, emailed us, spoke at public comment, and filled out surveys during the search process. No one does this job alone. We are confident our new superintendent will surround him or herself with people who compliment their skills. As a Board, we will do everything possible to help Denver Public School’s next superintendent succeed—and we hope you will too. 

Carrie A. Olson, PhD, President

Jennifer Bacon, Vice President

Angela Cobián, Treasurer

Tay Anderson, Secretary

Scott Baldermann

Rev. Bradley Laurvick

Barbara O’Brien, PhD