Approved 2014 Redistricting

At the October 23, 2014 Board of Education meeting, the Board of Education approved the redistricting proposal as required by C.R.S. 22-31-131, read in conjunction with C.R.S. 22-31-109 and 110, which states the Board of Denver Public Schools must adjust the boundaries of the five districts based upon the most recent United States decennial census; and that the school district’s population be as evenly divided as possible between the five districts and that the districts be compact, contiguous and consistent of whole election precincts of the City and County of Denver.

The Board of Education adopted Guiding Principles consistent with the legal requirements: 1) Balance total population (representation, one person one vote), 2) Maintain minimal impact on racial/ethnic concentrations (voting rights act, equal protections clause, avoid dilution of minority vote), 3) Align with City precincts (whole precincts, functionality, contiguous election precincts), 4) Incorporate natural boundaries (representation of communities of interest, compact districts), and 5) Minimize the number of impacted families as a result of this process.

Click here for a copy of the approved motion with a map showing precincts.

Click here for a list of schools in each Board District.