District Accountability Committee

The District Accountability Committee (DAC) has several responsibilities that it is expected to accomplish annually; procedures for the DAC are outlined in the following two policies: School Board Policy BDFG – District Accountability Committee and BDFG-R. These procedures are designed to be consistent with the general purpose and principles outlined in Policy BDFG, as well as consistent with federal and state statutes, and local ordinances.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is the DAC so important?

Colorado law requires boards of education to appoint a district accountability committee to ensure parental and community involvement in the district’s educational program.

How often does the DAC meet and how do I volunteer?

The DAC meets once a month, generally the fourth Tuesday, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m., August through May. Certain times of the year the membership for DAC is open and notices of those open periods will appear on this webpage. 

For questions about applying for membership, please contact Landon Mascarenaz at landon_mascarenaz@dpsk12.org



 For questions, please contact Landon Mascarenaz at landon_mascarenaz@dpsk12.org

The DAC shall consist of:

  • at least three parents of current DPS students
  • at least one teacher employed by the District
  • at least one school administrator employed by the District; and
  • at least one person who is involved in business in the community within the District’s boundaries.

A person may not serve in more than one of the required membership roles on the DAC in a single term. A person who is employed by the District or related to a District employee shall not be eligible to serve as a parent on the DAC. “Related” means the person’s spouse, son, daughter, sister, brother, mother or father.

If, however, the Board makes a good faith effort and is unable to identify a sufficient number of people who meet these criteria, a person may serve on the DAC and also be employed by the District or related to a District employee.

To the extent practicable, the DAC shall represent a cross-section of the community in terms of sex, race, age, occupation, socioeconomic status, geographical location and other appropriate factors.

Appointment of Members

The Superintendent and Board members will seek applications for membership and recommend members to serve on the DAC. From these recommendations, the President of the Board will nominate members to serve on the DAC who meet the above membership criteria.

In nominating members to the DAC, the President of the Board shall ensure, to the extent practicable, that:

  • at least two members appointed reside in each geographic district
  • at least one of the parents appointed resides in each geographic district
  • the parents appointed reflect the student populations significantly represented within the district;
  • at least one of the parents appointed is a parent of a student enrolled in a district school that is a charter school authorized by the Board; and
  • at least one of the persons appointed has a demonstrated knowledge of charter schools.

Should there be a vacancy on the DAC, the President of the Board shall have the authority to appoint interim members, who will serve as full members on the DAC until such time as the Board votes to appoint members.

The DAC shall select a parent representative to serve as chair or co-chair.

Members of the DAC shall serve terms of 2 years (however, in order to avoid having the terms of all members expire at the same time, up to 50 percent of the members initially appointed shall be appointed for a one-year term) and shall be eligible for reappointment. The chair or co-chairs of the DAC shall serve terms of one year and shall be eligible for reappointment.

The DAC shall establish a schedule of meetings and adopt general rules for its operation, which shall be provided to the Board Office.


The DAC shall have the following duties:

Budget Priorities: The DAC shall recommend to the Board priorities for spending district moneys. When it makes such recommendations, it shall make reasonable efforts to consult in a substantive manner with the school accountability committees in the district. The Board shall consider such recommendations in adopting the district budget for each fiscal year. C.R.S. 22-11-302(l)(a).

District performance, improvement, priority improvement, and turnaround plans:

The DAC shall advise the Board concerning the preparation of, and annually submit to the Board recommendations regarding the contents of a district performance, improvement, priority improvement, or turnaround plan, whichever is required based on the district’s accreditation category. In advising and preparing the recommendations, the DAC shall make reasonable efforts to consult in a substantive manner with the school accountability committees. C.R.S. 22-11-302(l)(b).

Compilation and submission of school plans: The DAC shall compile and submit to the Board the school performance, improvement, priority improvement, and turnaround plans submitted by the school accountability committees. C.R.S. 22-11-302(1)(b).

Review of charter school applications: Charter school applications shall be reviewed by the DAC prior to consideration by the Board as provided in section 22-30.5-107(1). C.R.S. 22-11-302(1)(c).

Recommendations to principals concerning assessments as it concerns teacher evaluations: The DAC shall provide input and recommendations on an advisory basis to principals concerning the development and use of assessment tools used for the purpose of measuring and evaluating student academic growth as it relates to teacher evaluations. C.R.S. 22-11-302(1)(d).

Areas of study beyond those specified in statute: The Board and the DAC shall, at least annually, cooperatively determine the areas and issues that the DAC shall study and concerning which the DAC may make recommendations to the Board. C.R.S. 22-11-302(2).

Consultation regarding the District safe school plan: This DAC and the school accountability committees shall provide advice concerning the adoption, implementation, review, and revision of the district’s safe school plan. C.R.S.22-32-109.1(2).

Composition of District accountability charter review committee: For the purposes of reviewing a charter school application, the DAC shall include at least one person with a demonstrated knowledge of charter schools, and one parent of a child enrolled in a charter school in the District. C.R.S. 22-30.5-107(1.5).

Adoption and/or revision of District content standards: The DAC shall provide input and recommendations concerning the adoption and/or revision of the district content standards. C.R.S. 22-7-407.

Consultation regarding applications to waive state law: The DAC shall meet with the Board to consult regarding the Board’s intent to submit to the Statue Board of Education any waivers of state rules or statute pursuant to C.R.S. 22-2-117(2) and/or to submit a school innovation plan pursuant to C.R.S. 22-32.5-101 et seq.


Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) Review Committee

Reviews District Unified Improvement Plan and provides report to DAC and the Board of Education with written recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the plan and the planning process.

Charter School Applications Review Committee

Reviews new and renewal charter school applications, interviews applicants, presents report to DAC for approval, and makes recommendations to the Board of Education.

Budget Review Committee

Reviews the District budget and provides report to DAC and the Board of Education with written recommendations regarding spending considerations and fiscal responsibility.

Committee Co-Chairs
Committee Chair




Committee Co-Chair



District Accountability Committee Members

      • Saida Aguirre
      • Erich Bethke
      • Fernando Branch
      • Erin Brown
      • Sara Carlson
      • Darci Cherry
      • Sherry Eastlund
      • Jeannette Ekstrand
      • Alejandro Fuentes Mena
      • Cristina Gomez
      • Katrina Heim
      • Anna Hewson
      • Hang Hoang
      • MiDian Holmes
      • Antoinette Hudson
      • Shant’a Johnson
      • Edward Krug
      • Erin Levy
      • Todd Mackintosh
      • Ray McAllister
      • Karen Mortimer
      • Thalia Nawi
      • Michael Orlando
      • Lynn Otto
      • Kate Pettersen
      • LaKeyshia Price
      • James Rasaily
      • Sandra Reza-Quintana
      • Lupita Romero
      • Diana Romero Campbell
      • Gregoria Salcedo
      • Harold Sanchez
      • Silvia Torres Villa


For information on the District Accountability Committee (DAC), please contact:

Ed Krug, Committee Chair
303-903-6716 | EdwardKrug@comcast.net

Diana Romero-Campbell, Committee Co-Chair
720-382-0007 | dromerocampbell@gmail.com

District Staff:

Landon Mascarenaz
720-423-2342 | landon_mascarenaz@dpsk12.org

Ramona Lewis
720-423-3211 | ramona_lewis@dpsk12.org

2016-17 Meetings

Meetings will be held at the Emily Griffith Campus, 1860 Lincoln, Conference Room 1035, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

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September 27, 2016 Agenda / Minutes / Presentations
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January 24, 2017 Agenda / Minutes / Presentations
February 28, 2017 Agenda / Minutes / Presentations
March 21, 2017 Agenda / Minutes / Presentations
April 25, 2017 Agenda / Minutes / Presentations
May 23, 2017,  5:30 – 8:30 p.m. Agenda / Minutes / Presentations